Hi, my name is Piotr and I am a graduate of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. I have been interested in programming and electronics for a long time, but a bit later I became interested in graphics and drawing. I am also interested in plastic model making (mainly planes), playing electric guitar and mechanics (mainly cars). I also like riding a bike, listening to music and reading books.

Currently I work as a programmer, as well as running my own business, where I provide services in the field of electronic circuit design and programming (for both microcontrollers and computers). More ...

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μBoot-AvrTiny – bootloader for ATTiny13

Napisano dnia 2.09.2019 r. o godzinie 21:10

μBoot-AvrTiny – bootloader for ATTiny13, which fits in 80 words of code!

STM32 CubeMX in Eclipse

Napisano dnia 9.02.2019 r. o godzinie 12:00

Are you trying to import STM32CubeMx generated project into Eclipse? This is how to do it in a quick and easy way.

SmogWatch – WiFi enabled smog meter

Napisano dnia 25.01.2019 r. o godzinie 20:52

SmogWatch is a WiFi enabled smog (air quality) meter based on ESP8266 (ESP-12). It also measures temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.

ESP8266 web radio player, pt. 2

Napisano dnia 18.06.2016 r. o godzinie 11:28

Web radio player (SHOUTcast) based on ESP8266 (ESP-12) module and VS1053 decoder. Second part of the article.

ESP8266 web radio player, pt. 1

Napisano dnia 10.08.2015 r. o godzinie 9:00

Web radio player (SHOUTcast) based on ESP8266 module and VS1053 audio decoder.

Programming STM32 under Linux

Napisano dnia 16.08.2014 r. o godzinie 23:21

How to configure and run a complete IDE (including debugger) for STM32 microcontrollers based on Eclipse under Linux.